Oranim Academic College is located on a hill, surrounded by a forest of pine trees that inspired its name. Breathtaking views of the Carmel Mountains and the Jezreal Valley provide a stunning background to the beautiful campus of Oranim.


The kibbutz movement founded Oranim in 1951 as a college to train high-quality childcare workers and teachers. Kibbutz education, at this time, was compulsory, from the day of birth until enrollment to the army. Emphasis was not only on gaining knowledge and skills, but also on teaching educational concepts and personal values.  Being a teacher in the Kibbutz Movement was a vocation, not just a profession.


Oranim's reputation was also renown in non-kibbutznik populations. Today, most of our students come from cities, towns, moshavs and villages. Both students and staff at Oranim reflect the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic reality in Israel. We are proud of the amiable and positive atmosphere on our campus.


Oranim’s goal is to bring out the teacher potential within each student. Oranim offers a wide intellectual horizon. Israel’s brightest scholars gravitate towards Oranim; artists, scientists, and educators of international reputation train the students to a very high level. 


Oranim’s students learn how to educate young Israelis in true Oranim spirit, empowering them to nurture and develop their full potential. By the end of their time at Oranim, students will have attained both academic achievements, as well as a solid value system. Oranim educators are renown for their commitment to change, both in their schools and communities. Oranim maintains its high standards from one generation to the next, ensuring the spirit and tradition of Oranim live on……..


Oranim means excellence in education

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