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Samuel (Muli) Peleg- Bio

Dr. Samuel(Muli) Peleg is the Director of the International School at Oranim College and a Member of the Board of Directors ofHillel Israel, for the advancement of Jewish Peoplehood among Israeli students.He is a political sociologist trained in the fields of comparative politics andinternational relations. His areas of expertise are peace-building &reconciliation, social sustainability, justice & human rights, and conflictresolution. His research focuses on intercultural and interfaith dialogue indeeply divided communities. Dr. Peleg participated in various ongoing workshopsand training sessions at the UN as well developing relations with leadinguniversities in Japan, Germany, France and Israel/Palestine, where he regularlysent his students for internships and research.

Dr. Peleg taughtat the Peace and Justice Studies Program of Fordham University and at the RutgersUniversity Business School. Between 2010-2013 he was a visiting faculty memberat the negotiation and conflict resolution program (NECR) at ColumbiaUniversity. He is the author of several books and articles, among them are Spreading the Wrath of God: From Gush Emunimto Rabin Square (1997, Hebrew), Zealotryand Vengeance- quest of Religious Identity Group (2002, Lexington Books); If Words Could Kill: the Failure of PublicDiscourse in Israel (2003, Hebrew University Press), Fighting Terrorism in the Liberal State (2006, IOS Press) and Interculturaland Interfaith Dialogue for Peace (IGI Press 2019).

Dr. Peleg has anextensive practical experience as a negotiator and peace-maker in addition tohis academic career. His main focus is on intercultural and interfaith dialoguein deeply-divided societies. In this capacity, Dr. Peleg led a team of expertsin a Columbia University funded project in the town of Ramla (2011-2013), whichbrought together Jewish and Arab community leaders in an effort to establish ashared identity. Similar projects were pursued by Dr. Peleg and his team inCypress, Tanzania and the Basque Country. In 2005, Dr. Peleg was invited as oneof the Academia experts who participated in the Club de Madrid foundinggathering. In 2003, Dr. Peleg was afounding member of One Voice, an organization which promotesreconciliation between the various factions of the Israeli society as well asbetween Israelis and Palestinians.

 Dr. Peleg served as a top advisor onleadership and negotiations to the Peres Center for Peace. In this capacity hehad taken part in several rounds of peace negotiations between Israelis andPalestinians as well as Israelis and Jordanians. He has also counseled thePrime Minister’s office, the Foreign Office and the National Security Council.

In the US, Dr.Peleg has worked with the Martin Luther King Foundation and their social initiativebranch--Realizing the Dream on social justice projects. He is involved withintercultural and interfaith dialogue initiatives in the Middle East and Africawith the Counter Extremism Project.

Lastly, Muliwrites poetry. He published three award winning poetry books, all in Hebrew,the last one came out this January. He has a wife, Tzofnat, and two daughtersEfrat and Ad-El.

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תואר ראשון: מדע המדינה ויחסים בינלאומיים. האוניברסיטה העברית בירושלים, בהצטיינות יתרה.

דוקטורט: מדע המדינה ויחסים בינלאומיים. אוניברסיטת אינדיאנה, בלומינגטון.

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עבודת הדוקטורט ( .Ph.D. / D.Sc) - בעברית ובאנגלית

להפיץ את זעם האל: מסלול ההקצנה והאלימות של תנועות פוליטיות דתיות-- השוואה בין תנועת אמאל לתנועת גוש אמונים.

Spreading the Wrath of God: the Path of Political-Religious Groups to Extremism and Violence-- Comparing Amal and the Block of the Faithful.

ספרים - כתיבה או עריכה

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דוחות מחקר



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            January 2003.



Invited Guest Speaker, Faculty Research Seminars:

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            New York. January 2017.

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הצגה בכנסים מדעיים



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