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Inbar Levkovich, Ph. D.- List ofPublications (March 2022)

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Ph.D. Dissertation

Levkovich, I. (2016). Young andolder breast cancer survivors: The association between coping processes and thesymptom cluster of emotional distress, fatigue and cognitive difficulties.292 pages. [Hebrew]. Haifa: University of Haifa.

Supervisor: Professor Miri Cohen.


Postdoctoral Research

Levkovich, I. (2017). Thequality of healthcare services provided to adults regarding sexual functioningand sexual satisfaction. [Hebrew]. Haifa and Tel-aviv: Technion-IsraelInstitute of Technology, Faculty of Medicine and University of Bar-Ilan, Schoolof Social Work, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Supervisors: ProfessorLiat Ayalon and Professor Khaled Karkabi.



 Articles in Refereed Journals



1.  +Levkovich, I., Hamama-Raz, Y.&Shinan-Altman, S. (2022). “A kaleidoscope of relationships”: Cervical cancersurvivors’ perspectives on their intimate relationships during their illness. Palliative and Supportive 1-10.doi:10.1017/S147895152100198X

2. Efendi, F.Wahyuhadi, J., Jibril, M. Harymawan, I., Ariana, A., Arifin, H., Estiningtyas,Q., & Levkovich, I. (2022). Stigma among Indonesian COVID-19survivors, what have we learned? Plose One.

3. +Levkovich, I.& Swisa, A. # (2022). Shared Traumatic Reality: Coping among EducationalCounselors Living and Working in Israeli Communities on the Gaza Border. Journalof Loss and Trauma.

4. +Levkovich, I.,& Ne’emani, H. # (2022). “Childhood in theshadow of prison bars”: How School Counselors Cope while Counseling Children ofIncarcerated Parents. Children& Society.

5. +Levkovich, I.& Levy, R. # (2022). The association between teachers’ personal resourcesand their personal resilience, depression and loneliness during the coronaviruscrisis. Time for Education,7, 109-131. (Hebrew, V)

6. Hamama-Raz, Y.,Shinan-Altman, S., & Levkovich, I. (2022) The intrapersonal andinterpersonal processes of fear of recurrence among cervical cancer survivors-A qualitative study. Supportive Care in Cancer, 30, 2671-2678.

7. +Levkovich, I.,Rodin, D., Shinan-Altman, S., Alperin, M., & Stein, H. (2021). Perceptionsamong diabetic patients in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community regardingmedication adherence: a qualitative study. BMC Public Health, 21, 1559.

8. +Levkovich,I. & Shinan-Altman, S. (2021). Managing the Emotional Aspects of Compassion Fatigue amongTeachers in Israel: qualitative study. Journal ofEducation for Teaching.

  9. Shinan-Altman, S. & Levkovich, I.(2021). Emotional reactions towards COVID-19 among persons withdiabetes. International Health. https://doi:10.1093/inthealth/ihab024

10. Levy M., Agur-Cohen,D., Arnon, S, # & Levkovich, I. (2020).  The decision-making and learning roles of aprofessional social network: The case of a family physicians’ network. InternationalJournal of Medical Informatics, 153, 104515.

11. Shinan-Altman, S. &Levkovich, I. (2021). COVID-19 precautionary behavior among Israelibreast cancer patients. Supportive Care in Cancer.

12. +Levkovich, I.(2021). Coping strategies and their impact on emotional distress andfatigue among breast cancer survivors: A cross sectional survey. The CancerJournal: The Journal of Principles & Practice of Oncology,27(2),83-89. https://doi: 10.1097/PPO.0000000000000505

13. +Levkovich, I.,& Elyoseph, Z. (2021). "I don’t know what to say”: Teachers' perspectives onsupporting bereaved students after the death of a parent. OMEGA - Journal ofDeath and Dying. 1-21. https://doi.10.1177/0030222821993624

14. +Levkovich, I.,Shinan-Altman, S., Essar Schvartz, N. & Alperin, M. (2021). Depression andhealth-related quality of life among older adultsduring the COVID-19 pandemic in Israel: A cross?sectional study. Journal ofPrimary Care & Community Health, 12, 1-8.

15. Shinan-Altman, S.,Levkovich, I., Porat, A.  &Alperin, M. (2021). The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on older adults’experiences with healthcare services. Journal of social policy.https://doi: 10.37509/socpol20160071sa

16. +Levkovich, I. & Shinan-Altman, S. (2021).The impact of gender on emotional reactions, perceived susceptibility andknowledge about COVID-19 among the Israeli public. International Health.https://doi.10.1093/inthealth/ihaa101

17. +Levkovich, I.& Shinan-Altman, S. (2020). Emotional reactions and subjective healthstatus during the COVID-19 in Israel: The mediating role of perceivedsusceptibility. Psychology, Health & Medicine. https://doi.10.1080/13548506.2020.1858490

18. +Levkovich, I.(2020). The impact of age on negative emotional reactions, compliance withhealth guidelines and knowledge about the virus during the COVID-19 epidemic: Alongitudinal study from Israel. Journal of Primary Care and Community Health,11, 1-11. https://10.1177/2150132720981540

  19. Shinan-Altman, S. Levkovich, I.& Tavori, G. (2020). Health care utilization among cancer patients duringthe COVID-19 outbreak. Palliative and Supportive Care.

 20. +Levkovich, I. & Shinan-Altman,S. (2020). Impact of the COVID-19pandemic on stress and emotional reactions in Israel: A mixed-methods study. International Health. https://doi:10.1093/inthealth/ihaa081

21. +Levkovich, I.,Gewirtz-Meydan, & Ayalon, L., (2020). Communicating with older adults aboutsexual issues: How are these issues handled by physicians with and withouttraining in sexual functioning? Health & Social Care in the Community.1-10. https://doi:10.1111/HSC.13172

22. Cohen, M., Levkovich,I., Katz, R., Fried, G., & Pollack S., (2020). Low physical activity,fatigue and depression in breast cancer survivors: moderation by levels of IL-6and IL-8. International Journalof Psychophysiology.

23. Shinan-Altman, S.& Levkovich, I. (2020). COVID-19 precautionary behavior:  TheIsraeli case in the initial stage of the outbreak. BMC Public Health,20.

 24. +Levkovich, I., & Ricon, T. (2020). Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Emotional Distress amongIsraeli school counselors. Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling andPsychotherapy, 11(2), 159-180.

            IF 2020= 0.19

            R 2020= Psychology, Clinical:158/172 (Q4)

25. +Levkovich, I, &Sahar, N. # (2020). “Collapsing under the load”: Burnout among teachers of“challenging” classes. Dapim, 75, 175-172. (Hebrew V).

26.     Dolev-Cohen, M & Levkovich, I.(2020). Teachers’ responses to face-to-face and cyberbullying of colleagues byothers in Israeli schools. International Journal of School & EducationalPsychology, 1-13.

 27.  +Levkovich,I., & Gada A. # (2020). “The weight falls on my shoulders”:Preschool teachers’ perceptions of compassion fatigue. Asia-Pacific Journal of Research in EarlyChildhood Education, 14(3),91-112.

28.     +Levkovich, L.  & Eyal, G. # (2020)."I’m caught in the middle": Preschool teachers’ perspectives on theirwork with divorced parents". International Journal of Early YearsEducation, 1-15.

29.   +Levkovich,I., & Elyoseph, Z.(2020). College students withADHD and their reasons for becoming teachers despite negative childhoodexperiences. Journalof College Student Development,1-16.

30.     +Levkovich,I., & Vigdor, I. # (2020). How school counsellors cope with suicideattempts among adolescents — A qualitative study in Israel. Journal ofPsychologists and Counsellors in Schools, 1-13. https://doi:10.1017/jgc.2020.14

 31.    Altman,S., Levkovich, I., & Dror, M. # (2020). Are daily hassles associatedwith happiness in old age? The contribution of personal resources. InternationalJournal of Gerontology,14(4), 239-297.

32.     Gewirtz-Meydan,A., Levkovich, I., Mock, M., Gur, U., Karkabi, K. & Ayalon, L.(2020). Sex for seniors: How physicians discuss older adult’s sexuality. IsraelJournal of Health Policy Research, 9(11), 1-9.

 33.    Dolev-Cohen,M., Ricon, T. & & Levkovich, I. (2020). #WhyIDidntReport: Reasons why young Israelis do notsubmit complaints regarding sexual abuse. Children and Youth Services Review,115,

34.     +Levkovich, I., & Kamel, S. #(2020)."The voices we forgot": School counselors dealing with adolescent girls who have experiencedsexual abuse. Journal of school counselling, 31-53. (Hebrew, V)

35.     +Levkovich, I. & Ricon, T. (2020). Compassion Fatigue among SchoolTeachers. Rav-Gvanim, A Journal of Teacher Research and Dialogue, 19, 181-199.(Hebrew, V).

36.     +Levkovich, I. & Dolev-Cohen, M.(2020). Teachers’responses to physical and online bullying towards their colleagues. Rav-Gvanim,A Journal of Teacher Research and Dialogue. 19, 17-45. (Hebrew, V).

37.     +Levkovich, I., & Elyoseph, Z.(2020). Education Students withADHD: The Relationship Between Childhood Memories and Deciding to Major inEducation. Devarim Academic Journal, 85-107. (Hebrew, V).

38.     Cohen, M., Levkovich, I., Pollack,S., & Fried, G. (2019). Stability and change of post-chemotherapy symptomsin relation to optimism and subjective stress: A Prospective Study of BreastCancer Survivors. Psycho-Oncology, 28(10), 2017-2024.

39.     +Levkovich, I., & Duvshan,R. # (2019). “I keep it together at work but fall apart at home”: Theexperience of Israeli homeroom teachers coping with the death of a student intheir class". OMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying.

40.     Levkovich, I. (2019). “The dangerstill hangs over my head” Fear of Recurrence among Israeli Breast CancerSurvivors: A Qualitative Study: Fear of Recurrence among Israeli Breast CancerSurvivors. Journal of Health Sciences, 9(1), 23-33.

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45.     +Levkovich, I., Gewirtz-Meydan, A., Karkabi, K. & Ayalon,L., (2019). When sex meets age: Family physicians’ perspectives about sexualdysfunction among older men and women: A qualitative study from Israel. TheEuropean Journal of General Practice, 25(2), 85-90.

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59.     Adar, T., +Levkovich, I., CohenCastel, O., & Karkabi, K. (2017). The Patient’s Utilization of Primary Care – A Profile of Clinical and AdministrativeReasons for in Israel.  Journal ofPrimary Care & Community Health,8(4), 221-227.

60.     +Levkovich, I., Cohen, M., Pollack,S., Drumea, K., & Fried G. (2015). Fatigue, Depression and Optimism inBreast Cancer Patients Post-chemotherapy. Hevra Verevacha 35, 117-141(Hebrew, V).

61.     +Levkovich, I., Cohen, M., Pollack,S., Drumea, K., & Fried G. (2014). Cancer-related Fatigue and Depression in Breast Cancer PatientsPost-Chemotherapy: Different Associations with Optimism and Stress Appraisals. Palliativeand Supportive Care,13(5), 1141-1151.

Accepted forPublication

62. +Levkovich, I.,Dolev-Cohen, M., & Ricon, T. (2020). “#I didn’t report because I was scaredto death of him”: On the reasons adolescents do not report sexual abuse.Journal of school counselling. [Hebrew]. (V).

63. +Levkovich, I., & Amitai, K. # (2022).“To live you must feel pain”: Experiences of educational counselors inhelping adolescents who engage in self-injury. (Accepted).(Hebrew, V).

64. +Levkovich, I. & Shinan-Altman, S.(2022). Factors associated with work-family enrichment among working Israeliparents during COVID-19 lockdowns. Archives of Environmental &Occupational Health (Accepted).


Articles or Chaptersin Scientific Books (which are not Conference Proceedings)

1. Levkovich, I.,& Cohen, M. (2015). Bio-psycho-social aspects of cancer at the old age. InD. Prilutzky & M. Cohen. Practical Gerontology (pp. 193-236).ESHEL Publishing.

2. Levkovich, I.(2013). Ethical issues in education and counseling death, grief and loss. In:Kreitler, S., & Senon - Kline, H. (Eds.).Thanatology – Science of Loss and Mourning, and Bereavement (107-131).Pardes Publishing House.


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