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Tzvia Back Rachel

מרצה בכירה, מרכזת ההתמחות בהוראת אנגלית

קורות חיים

השכלה אקדמית

Ph.D.Summa Cum Laude - 1999

Hebrew University in Jerusalem

English Literature

M.A. - 1990

Temple University

English Literature & Creative Writing

B.A. - 1988

Hebrew University in Jerusalem

English Literature & Psychology


Yale University,BA studies

מומחיות אקדמית

כתיבה יוצרת, ספרות אמריקאית, ספרות אפרו-אמריקאית, קריאה פמיניסטית, שירה, תיאוריות בתרגום ויישומן

Creative Writing, American Literature, African-American Literature, Feminist Literary Criticism, Poetry, Translation Theories & Praxis


במכללת אורנים

Cultural Background to English Literature: Mythical and Christian sources

Introduction to Poetry

Creative Writing Workshop: Root Forms in Poetry

Historical Survey of American Literature

African-American Literature

Twentieth Century American Women Writers: A Cross-Genre Course

American Women Poets, 1650-2000

Literature & Film: A Study in Adaptation


(.Stealing the Language: American Women Writers Revising Classical Myths (M.Ed

(.The Development of the English Language (M.Ed

מחוץ למכללה

Dartmouth College - 2009

The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict as Represented in Literature & Film - Upper Level B.A. Seminar, Literature & Middle-East Studies Departments

Hebrew Women Poets of the 20th Century - Upper level B.A. seminar

רשימת פרסומים

ספרים - כתיבה או עריכה


(A Messenger Comes (Singing Horse Press, 2012

(On Ruins & Return: Poems 1999-2005 (Shearsman Books, 2005

(Azimuth (Sheep Meadow Press, 2001

(The Buffalo Poems (Duration Press Chapbook, 2003

(Litany (Meow Press Chapbook, 1995



(In the Illuminated Dark: Selected Poems of Tuvia Ruebner (HUC Press, 2014

(With an Iron Pen: Twenty Years of Hebrew Protest Poetry (SUNY Press, Excelsior Editions, 2009

(Night, Morning: Poems by Hamutal Bar Yosef (Sheep Meadow Press, 2008

(Lea Goldberg: Selected Poems & Drama (Toby Press, 2005


Critical work

(Led by Language: the Poetry and Poetics of Susan Howe (University of Alabama Press, 2002



כתבי עת מדעיים ומקצועיים או פרקים בספרים

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תפקידים אקדמיים במכללה/אוניברסיטה

במכללת אורנים

2012-Present: Head of M.Ed. English Language Program

2011-Present: Head of B.A. Literature Track

2002-Present: Chair and Organizer of Oranim College English Department's Annual Expository Writing Workshop





מחוץ למכללה

1995-2000: Israeli Academic and Administrative Director of Wesleyan and Brown Universities Overseas Program in Israeli and Palestinian Studies