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Miedijensky Shirley

Dr. Shirley Miedijensky           

Academic Rank: Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Graduate Studies &

Faculty of Education

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Oranim College





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Research interests

 Assessment; science education; STEM education; gifted education; self-regulation; metacognition; teachers’ professional development; innovative learning environments


Ph.D. Dissertation

Title: Embedded assessment in pull-out programs for the gifted: Effects on higher order thinking skills.

Date of submission: 2008

Number of Pages: 111

Language: English

Name of Supervisors: Professor Tali Tal and Prof. Avi Berman

University: Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Selected Publications


1. Miedijensky, S., & Grinstein, Y. (2023). Environmental frameworks for the gifted in the periphery and center regions: Parents' and teachers' perceptions. Gifted Child Today (in press)


2. Miedijensky, S. (2023). Metacognitive knowledge and self-regulation of in-service teachers in an online learning environment. In D. Glick, J. Bergin, & C. Chang. Supporting self-regulated learning and students success in online courses. IGI Global, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6500-4


3. Sasson, I., & Miedijensky, S. (2023). Fostering transfer skills in teacher training programs: The question of assessment. Professional Development in Education, 49(2), 243-256. DOI:


4.      Klemer, A., Segal, R., Miedijensky, S., Hershcu-Kluska, R., & Kouropatov, A. (2023). Changes in the attitudes of mathematics and science teachers toward the integration and use of computerized technological tools as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (in press)

5. Abramovitz, A., & Miedijensky, S. (2023). Evaluating environmental behaviour and commitment of pre-service primary science teachers.  Australian Journal of Environmental Education 


6. Miedijensky, S., & Sasson, I. (2022). Participatory action research as a way to innovate mathematics and science teaching, teachers' professional development perceptions and performances, Educational Action Research, 30 (1), 39-60, DOI: 10.1080/09650792.2020.1802320


7. Miedijensky, S., & Melamed, D. (2022). Mathematical phenomena in nature and their integration in high school mathematics teaching -Teachers' perceptions. Research and Review in Mathematical Education, 9, 85-78. (Hebrew V).


8.      Miedijensky, S., Sasson, I., & Yehuda, I. (2021). Teachers’ learning communities for developing high order thinking skills - A case study of a school pedagogical change Interchange, 52, 577–598. DOI:


9. Sasson, I., Yehuda, I., Miedijensky, S., & Malkinson, N. (2021). Designing new learning environments: The relationships between space, active learning, and the development of high-order thinking skills. The Curriculum Journal. DOI:


10. Sasson, I., Yehuda, I., & Miedijensky, S. (2021). Innovative learning spaces: Class management and universal design for learning. Learning Environments Research. DOI:


11.  Miedijensky, S. (2020). Gifted adults: From childhood to maturity. Dvarim Academic Journal, 13, 38-67. (Hebrew V).


12.   Sasson, I., & Miedijensky, S. (2020). Transfer skills in teacher training programs: The question of assessment. Professional Development in Education. DOI:


13.  Miedijensky, S., & Abramowitz, A. (2019), The nature of a change process: A case study of the implementation of “education for sustainability” in elementary schools.  EURASIA Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 15 (10). DOI:


14.  Abramovitz, A., & Miedijensky, S. (2019). From a guided teacher into leader: a three-stage professional development (TSPD) model for empowering teachers. Higher Education Studies, 9 (2), 57-71.


15.  Miedijensky, S., & Abramovitch, A. (2019). The nature of a change process: implementation of ‘education for sustainability’ in elementary schools. Time for Education, 5, 79-112. (Hebrew V).


16.  Miedijensky, S.  (2018). Learning environment for the gifted: What do outstanding teachers of the gifted think? Gifted Education International, 34 (3), 222-244.


17.  Miedijensky, S., & Tal, T. (2016). Reflection and assessment for learning in enrichment science courses for the gifted. Studies in Educational Evaluation, 50, 1-13.


18.  Miedijensky, S., & Lichtingher, A. (2016). Seminar for master's applied thesis projects: students' perceptions and self-regulation. International Journal of Higher Education, 5, 13-26.


19.  Eldar, O., & Miedijensky, S. (2015). Designing a Metacognitive Approach to the Professional Development of Experienced Science Teachers, In Pe?a-Ayala, Alejandro (Ed.). Metacognition: Fundaments, Applications, and Trends. A Profile of the Current State-Of-The-Art. Intelligent Systems Reference Library, 76, 299-319.

20.  Miedijensky, S., & Atalla, N. (2012).  Fostering excellence in the Druz sector in Israel – A window of opportunities in a multicultural society. In Barzel, N. (Ed.). The Galillee – a multi-cultural space. (pp. 82-87), Oranim, academic college of education. (In Hebrew).

21.  Miedijensky, S., & Tal, T. (2009). Embedded assessment in project-based science courses for the gifted: insights to inform teaching all students. International Journal of Science Education, 31, 2411-2435.

22.  Miedijensky, S. (2008). Project based learning and embedded assessment. Journal of the Science and Technology in Society (STiS), 2, 10-12. (In Hebrew).

23.  Levi, D., & Miedijensky, S. (2006). From duet to choir: conceptual change in computerized discussion groups. In Levi, D. (Ed.). Action Research: philosophical and methodological affinities within action research and the qualitative research paradigm. Mofet (pp.119-140), (In Hebrew).

24.  Tal, R.T. & Miedijensky, S. (2005). A model of alternative embedded assessment in a pull-out enrichment program for the gifted. Gifted Education International, 20, 166-186.


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